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"Orange Daisies" Original Watercolor

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"Orange Daisies"

This is an original watercolor painting by Colorado artist Kerstin Stock
The painting is made on 400LB watercolor paper (100% cotton archival quality)
Size = 12" x 12" (30.48 x 30.48cm)

Why buy original art? 
1. Original art is one of a kind.
2. Original art is connected to a story and a spark of creativity executed by the artist.
3. Original art shows the exact colors that the artist chose to paint the story. Colors of prints are as accurate as possible yet never the same as the original.
4. When you buy original art you can see the nuances in texture and brush stoke, the artists actual hand is present.
5. Original art is an investment and could increase in value.
6. Your purchase supports the arts and the artist.

© KerstinStockArt 2024

Protected by international copyright law.

Usage, alteration or reproduction of the artwork is not permitted.


The painting will be:

• Shipped with tracking and insured.

• Packed in a clear bag and placed between stiff boards in an envelope.

• Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery (keeping in mind international borders and distance).


Customs, duty and additional postage or other fees are the responsibility of the buyer.


  • Shipping

    Your print will be carefully handled, thoughtfully wrapped in a compostable plant based bag & delivered in a cardboard tube or envelopes via UPS. If your print is not in stock, I will contact you to discuss shipping times.

  • Returns

    If you are unhappy with your art for any reason please contact me to discuss how to return the product safely.

Thank you for supporting a real artist by purchasing real art. It is with your support that I may be a thriving artists, instead of that other kind...

"People need real art in their houses. They do not need (box store / doctors office) art. they need weird stuff." - Ezra Croft